food and vegetables

Plastic & Rubber Testing

Testing of a Plastics & Rubber are the most important aspect of it's use. This composition is a dictator of what the possible.

Food & Agri products Testing

Food & Agricultural products testing is mandatory now a days.  Adulteration in spices and condiments can adversely affecting the health

  • Food Grains, Cereals & Pulses
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Tea / Coffee / Chicory/ Cocoa & their products
  • Milk/Dairy Products                                               
  • Spices, Condiments & related products Oils, fats and their Products
  • Bakery products and cooked foods.                       
  • Fruits, Processed Fruits and Vegetables               
  • Drinking Water, Packaged Drinking Water,RO Water
  • Bore water, Well water, Ground water
  • Water for Processed Food Industry, Water for Fermentation Industry
  • Water for Construction, Water for Textile industry,
  • Water for Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Industrial Effluents (Waste Water), ETP Water
  • Water for Irrigation /Agriculture purpose